Shareholder structure

The table below lists the main shareholders of Elia Group - in particular those holding more than 5% of the total number of shares, in line with the transparency declarations received (Act of 2 May 2007 and Royal Decree of 14 February 2008).


The percentages of shares included in this table were calculated using the number of outstanding shares on 26 April 2023 as the denominator.

Shareholder  Number of shares (= Denominator) Type of shares*** % of shares % of voting rights
 Publi-T 32,931,025 (*) Class B & C (*) 44.79% 44.79%
 Publipart 2,437,487 (**) Class A & B (**)
3.32% 3.32%
 Belfius Insurance 714,357 Class B
0.97%  0.97%
 Katoen Natie group 6,839,737 (***) Class B (***)
9.30% 9.30%
 Interfin 3,124,490 Class B
4.25% 4.25%
 Other free float 27,474,727 Class B
37.37% 37.37%
 Total 73,521,823 (****)  
100% 100%

* Publi-T holds a total of 32,931,025 shares, of which 32,840,832 are class C shares (and 90,193 are class B shares)
** Publipart holds a total of 2,437,487 shares, of which 1,836,054 are class A shares (and 601,433 are class B shares)
*** In a letter dated 7 June 2022, the Katoen Natie group informed the Company that it had acquired a further 3,682,113 of class B shares (without having to make a new transparency notification as it does not cross any applicable threshold). Together with the latest transparency notification that was previously made by the Katoen Natie group, this brings the total number of class B shares held by the Katoen Natie group to 6,839,737.
**** The Company’s share capital amounts to € 1,833,613,152.60, represented by 73,521,823 ordinary shares. The shares are divided into three classes: 1,836,054 class A shares; 38,844,937 class B shares; and 32,840,832 class C shares. All shares have identical voting, dividend and liquidation rights, but class A and class C shares carry certain special rights regarding the nomination of candidates for appointment to the Board of Directors and voting on shareholders’ resolutions.

According to the transparency notification of 30 October 2014, Publi-T and FPIM (Belfius Insurance) are acting in concert within the meaning of article 3 §1, 13° b) of the Belgian law of May 2, 2007.

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