Consensus & analyst coverage

In an effort to increase transparency for the financial community, Elia Group has chosen Vara Research, an independent service provider, to collect the most recent analyst estimates. A list of the analysts monitoring the Elia Group share can also be found below.


The company has contacted Vara Research GmbH to collect the consensus analysis, based on the estimates of all the participating financial analysts. The consensus can be found by clicking on the link below.

You will be transferred to a webpage whose content is provided and maintained by Vara Research GmbH. Elia Group has no control over the content of the webpage: it is managed by Vara Research, and Elia Group takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information included on it.

The consensus service presents consensus estimates collected by Vara Research.

View Consensus


Analyst coverage

Different financial analysts provide their own independent research analyses and earnings estimates with respect to Elia Group.

Piotr Dzieciolowski
Degroof Petercam
Kris Kippers
Quirijn Mulder
KBC Securities
Wim Lewi
Juan Camilo Rodriguez
Gert De Mesure
Goldman Sachs
Alberto Gandolfi
Deutsche Bank
Olly Jeffery
Morgan Stanley Research
Harrison Williams
Goldman Sachs
Mafalda Pombeiro
Thijs Berkelder
Bartlomiej Kubicki
Exane BNP Paribas
Harry Wyburd
Temitope Sulaiman

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